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About Us

We are a family owned business in Vincennes, Indiana. There are five families spanning three generations that are involved with our operation. Our current retail greenhouse was built in 2005, and upgraded in size in 2015. At our farm we currently have 19 growing greenhouses that we raise the majority of the plants that we sell.

The Halter Family

Lawrence & Shyla Halter
Jay & Brenda Halter
Sandy (Halter) Woodall
Keith & Leslie Halter
Bryan Halter

Halter Family Farm


We are a local family owned business located at 1926 N 6th, Vincennes, Indiana. Currently five families are involved with the business. The original Halters Market was located at 15th and Willow streets in Vincennes and consisted of a local produce stand selling homegrown produce while in season. In 1972 the location was moved to our current location of 1926 N 6th St A home was purchased and a garage was built facing 6th street to sell produce out of. A few years later, flowers were added and sold well. In 1988, having outgrown the small area we had, purchased adjourning property and built a Quonset greenhouse. Sales increased, as we were able to have more inventory in stock. In 1993 we expanded once again. We purchased and additional 3 lots and built a new sales area and a double Quonset, gutter connected greenhouse that attached to our sales area. We quickly outgrew this greenhouse, and in 2005 built our current greenhouse. It is Nexus glass greenhouse. This new greenhouse utilizes natural ventilation, versus using fans, for cooling. The roof opens 40% for warm air to escape while cool air is brought in by vents in the sidewall. This is all automated for a more enjoyable shopping experience. When you step inside, the inside temperature is never more than two or three degrees warmer than the outside air. This ensures a quiet, peaceful, enjoyable shopping experience. As years passed we quickly ran out of space in our new glass greenhouse, and in the fall of 2015 we added onto our Nexus greenhouse, making it even bigger and better. Our upgraded greenhouse still uses natural ventilation, and allows us more space to carry even more varieties of flowers.

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Halter's Greenhouse